Our Mission is to help teens become certified yoga instructors  to help heal trauma through yoga retreats and to bring yoga into more schools.

Last year Yoga4MSD raised enough funds to send 17 students on international yoga and awarded scholarships to 8 teens to become certified yoga instructors.


After the massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Senior High on Valentine’s Day 2018, where 14 student and three faculty were gunned down, Amy used yoga and meditation to heal the students, staff, parents, families, and entire community.  Holding yoga sessions at local parks, at school for teachers, students, parents, and siblings, full moon healing and meditation events several times a week in the months following the shooting, she decided that more could and should be done.

Yoga4MSD was born out of tragedy, but will continue to shine a light of hope to the world through empowering, healing, and teaching teens how to use yoga and mediation to spread peace wherever they go.